New Album “Darkness” available for free download

Methadone Kitty strikes again with their 6th album. A darker view of society and the struggles that bind us all in this great nation.

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New Album “Dismantler” available for free download

Methadone Kitty hits the streets again like a guided drone air strike. Songs of love, confusion and uprising under a haze of rubble.

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New Album “Dominion” available for free download

Trapped in a bubble within a flawed design by an architect of madness driven by the times… This is MK’s longest experimental album to date that ventures across the spectrum of life, love and the cosmos.

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Thought # 2

Change is growth. Painful, horrible growth. Much like evolution. The current normalcy will erode and vanish from the earth and will be replaced by something different. That difference will be derided and maligned, or out rightly destroyed at first glance until it is begrudgingly accepted as normal.

We as humans must be like scientists and forever examine the differences in our ideas and lives. But without honestly looking at all the facts and prudently testing them, as well as fighting against unreasonable ideas and unsustainable actions, we will succumb to opportunism and hackneyed ideology not based in reality.

Thought # 3

The disillusionment, the confusion, the fear, and the consequences are real but the struggle for something better always continues no matter if we win or lose. People come and go but ideas always survive. We have to be willing and continue to fight for the logical and progressive ones on every level both internally and externally.

The work continues…

New Album “Nemesis” available for free download

This record is a warning of a possible future that awaits us all if inequality is not combated, our principles of freedom are distorted, and our laws benefit the few with power and money and discount the majority who make this world and life worth living in.

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“Trasnsference” available for free download

Check out MK’s second album Transference and feel free to listen and download. This album was recorded in our state of the art 10×10 foot storage space facilities up in god’s country using our collection of used gear and mics. DIY at its greatest!

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“Resonance” available for free download

Listen and download Methadone Kitty’s first album Resonance. This album was recorded at the Cat’s Basement to capture the essence of grit!

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